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Semi-retired, Blackburn-born Geoff Dagger has taken back control of his health since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Geoff, who is a keen photographer, had always considered himself very healthy and so it came as a shock to him when he attended the Healthy Heart Clinic at the Local Health Centre where he was not only told that he was pre-diabetic but that he also had very high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Once diagnosed, Geoff was offered the opportunity to be referred onto the Healthier You: Diabetes Prevention Programme by the health advisor at his local GP surgery.

In April 2021, Geoff started the programme via remote sessions with his educator Emma and said:

“The remote sessions were really easy to access online and fitted well into my lifestyle.”

Geoff has always enjoyed walking but since starting the course he has benefitted from an increase in exercise. He has also been helping his disabled neighbour by taking their dog for extra walks to increase his number of steps and is now regularly achieving over 10,000 steps each day.

“My activity level has increased massively and I feel great for it, and my neighbour’s dog is extremely pleased too!”

Geoff explains how easy he found the changes to make and how the information was delivered at a steady, slow pace which allowed him to make changes over the 10-month course.

 “The programme has given me the tools to know what to do and has kept me focused by having regular check in sessions.”

One of the biggest changes for this avid explorer, who enjoyed trips around the world before the COVID-19 pandemic, was his diet. Geoff has made some significant changes to the type of food he eats, and this has also positively impacted on his wife who has also been enjoying the healthier meals.

“I eat much less bread, biscuits and pies now, and have replaced them with more salads, fruit and even a vegetable-based pasta which I enjoy”, says Geoff.

These changes, along with the increased activity and walking, has resulted in a significant weight loss since joining the programme. His wife has also benefitted with improved blood sugar levels and reduced weight.

Geoff has also seen improvements in his blood pressure reading and HBA1c which has reduced from 44 to 37 placing him no longer in the high-risk category along with a much-improved blood pressure reading of 120/70.

Overall, Geoff has made improvements in all aspects of his health and is feeling great. He said:

“I can now do more advanced yoga positions since losing weight and I have much more energy.  I don’t feel the changes were a strain or too restrictive and I still enjoy the occasional slice of cake or chocolate.”

To summarise the programme, Geoff said:

“The course has been excellent. I would definitely recommend it to other people. The educators give you the knowledge in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.”

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